What’s so special about a Headshot

Written by John Bentley

Professional Photographer specialising in Helping people to look feel and create better. Headshots | Portraiture | Branding | Education | Coaching

My teachings helps you to better understand the picture taking techniques.

My Headshots help you to look your best by coaching you into a more powerful and confident facial expressions, showing the character and nature of you and your business.

š˜šØš®š« š”šžšššš¬š”šØš­ needs to š›šž š­š”šž š ššš­šžš°ššš² š­šØ š²šØš® š š¢šÆš¢š§š  š²šØš®š« š›š«ššš§š š¢š­š¬ šÆš¢š›šž.
Creating a connection with my subjects is so important for really capturing their significance. What starts out as apprehension is now personality!
You might be thinking, “I don’t look that great in photos.” But honestly, being photogenic just means feeling comfortable in the moment. Confidence is key! Standing tall and proud can make a simple pose really pop. The camera loves confidence!
I’ll work with you to capture those perfect moments that show off your best self. I absolutely love finding that special spark in everyone I photograph. Getting to know them and helping them shine bright puts a smile on my face.
Most people never become my clients because they just don’t want to discuss their needs. And that’s because most folks don’t understand the need and how to get out in the digital world to make those connections.
Folks don’t just pay me for a session, turn up and leave with some pics. Nah! when you book with me, they’re telling me what they are looking to gain from the investment.
If you know that you should be investing in more visuals for your Personal Branding, but ain’t got a clue on what to invest or how to go about creating the images needed, then just message/call the photographer you feel best appeals to you and your personality.
It might be me, it may be someone else, but until you start to look at the work that is being placed in front of you and then ask questions, you’ll never understand what it is that the collaboration with a photographer can bring you by way of an ROI.
Simon Bowkett is still using his images from 2018 in his marketing. If they work for him, then they are a good investment.
Are you ready for us to make magic together?
Let’s connect and create something great!

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