The Value of Professional Portraits

Written by John Bentley

Professional Photographer specialising in Helping people to look feel and create better. Headshots | Portraiture | Branding | Education | Coaching

My teachings helps you to better understand the picture taking techniques.

My Headshots help you to look your best by coaching you into a more powerful and confident facial expressions, showing the character and nature of you and your business.

How Investing Time in Your Brand Image Pays Dividends


Capturing an accurate portrait is a skill only some have. An authentic picture of a person exudes confidence and self-awareness. Often this cannot be delivered in a selfie.

Every few months, I like to change my social profile image. How much does this cost me to do this? Honestly, it cost me nothing in money, just my time. But that is time well spent on my Brand Identity.

How are you spend your money/time on getting noticed?

  • – how do you want to be seen?
  • – what are you going to be wearing?
  • – is the background distracting?
  • – do you look confident and approachable?

Every image on social is sending a message!

Most folks need to consider their imagery’s message to their Ideal Client.

For the love of …

Some don’t even check out the background before shooting the selfie! The amount of clothing I see on the radiator or the bedroom door.

My favourite is what I call ‘ the shithouse selfie.’ the one that happens to be taken after you are confident after putting that new item of clothing on or having done your hair/make-up, so you pull out the phone and shoot, not thinking of the clutter in the background!


To get the best images of you, you need to develop a relationship with a professional headshot photographer who knows how to capture you at your best.

It cost you ZILCH! to find out more. Please, send me a MESSAGE or make a phone call and ask the questions you need answers to.

Do it this week whilst this post is fresh in your mind.

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