if you are using LinkedIn the chances are you are either selling your skills or looking for work

both positions warrant a great headshot


Starting at £65

A captivating headshot isn’t just about perfect lighting or fantastic angles. They are about capturing your authenticity.

It’s about finding angles and gestures that feel natural to you. I coach you in a way that brings out the most genuine and captivating version of yourself.

Creating natural expressions will always start with comfort. I’m all about setting the stage where you can relax and be yourself, therefore letting your personality shine.

What You Get

Each image we create is reviewed there at the session and if any are not feeling it we delete them and continue or stop the session.

You and I need to be on the same page and satisfied with the remaining images.

Some sessions are short, whilst others are longer. If you are confident that your personality is off the scale, then a 30 minute session could just be the one for you.

Attention grabbing imagery

Created with YOU in mind

1. Schedule

Use the calendar below to book your session.

2. Start the session

Show up with your chosen attire and have a great experience.

3. Select

Review the images taken as we work through your best facial expressions

4. Be Proud

Be confident in sharing your images online.

Let’s make something amazing together

£35 per additional image purchased


Bolton Lancashire UK