10lbs my backside

Written by John Bentley

Professional Photographer specialising in Helping people to look feel and create better. Headshots | Portraiture | Branding | Education | Coaching

My teachings helps you to better understand the picture taking techniques.

My Headshots help you to look your best by coaching you into a more powerful and confident facial expressions, showing the character and nature of you and your business.

Authentic smiles always look better than forced ones.

The camera may add a pound or two, but a good laugh takes off ten! 

The best headshots capture personality, not just appearance. So leave the serious scowls for passport photos. Come ready to crack jokes and make silly faces.


Sure, lighting and angles play a role too, but technical details can’t replace a genuine expression. With me, the process is about relaxing and being your quirky self. Don’t just look at the camera – make faces at it! Go on … show us your weird and wonderful side. The awkward shots are often better than the “perfect” shot.

You don’t have to be a supermodel to take a great photo. Charm beats perfection any day. So bring your whole self to the shoot, wrinkles, quirks and all. Laugh those 10lbs away. 


Just remember! Personality shines through when you’re having fun.

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