Fast Turn Around

Written by John Bentley

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My teachings helps you to better understand the picture taking techniques.

My Headshots help you to look your best by coaching you into a more powerful and confident facial expressions, showing the character and nature of you and your business.

Monday morning I received a phone call from a lady needing to acquire some headshot/branding imagery for an upcoming publicity piece in the local press.

She’d done a couple herself but they where just not of the standard the PR company were looking to use in publication. This can often be the case when folk naturally presume that because they have a webcam or a iPhone they are good to go. It’s not always easy taking selfies or interacting with the opposite you on screen, but depending on the publicity company they will often take your money and the images you supply.

I happened to have a slot free that Wednesday at 10am ( post Covid-19 most of us have had a few slots available immediately ) so I roll up at the door with my camera and portable flash light.

Social distance ourselves within her home/study and 60 minutes later and 30 shots in I’m elbow bumping and walking out through the door back to the car.

Back at the studio I upload the 30 images and back them up to the cloud whilst making  ‘mi sen a cuppa tae’

A quick flick through and a few tweaks in Capture One Pro I’m now ready to export these to shootproof where Dorothy can decide on whether to use them all or just a small selection.

From getting on the road and then Mrs Cooper receiving the images to view was around 7 hours. Dorothy at the moment chose just to send off 6 of the images for consideration by the Publicist




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