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Written by John Bentley

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Here is a session JohnB was call to do in Tarporley, Cheshire for a shoot with Simon Bowkett of Symco Training.

What a nice chap, easy going, approachable and a good laugh. Himself and his team were there recording podcast sessions and we were asked to be onset and take some authentic shots for simon’s book and podcast branding shots. The session lasted a good 3 hours and he came away just after lunch with the full support of Simon to say we John had gotten the shots needed for him to have the production team edit for upcoming episodes and all his publishing needs. Sometimes watching him whilst he made a video for his business and sometimes taking pictures of him whilst this happened.

A little later John got to spend some one on one time with Simon and get some shots away from the green screen. All in all a good day.

Whilst onset and watching  for the right moment to take the shots John heard Simon refer to himself as ‘Skippy’ John paused with his mouth open and at the earliest opportunity asked Simon if he knew a guy name Darren. Of course he did was the reply. Amazed at this they talked about how Darren ( John’s neighbour at the time ) had told him a few weeks prior – over a few drinks – that if he ever needed to learn sales, then to Google a guy named ‘Skippy’ Low & Behold here in front of John was the Legend that he had been told of but never met.

Ain’t life funny how we can all connect in several ways along the path.

Anyways back to the session, and here are a few of the shots taken from the Branding Session.

Quote from JohnB himself

We had a few gremlins in the baggage on this shoot. We had light a failure several times – I suspect due to me having left the gear in the car over night! A little on the cold side, DOH!! – and one of the receivers for our wireless triggers developed a loose wire :/ Very stressful time, but like the professional I am, with not too many curse words, mission accomplished. Here are a couple of the shots that caught my eye. Simon and the team may select several different ones, so keep an eye out on LinkedIn or over at Symco Training ( link Below )




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