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Written by John Bentley

Professional Photographer specialising in Helping people to look feel and create better. Headshots | Portraiture | Branding | Education | Coaching

My teachings helps you to better understand the picture taking techniques.

My Headshots help you to look your best by coaching you into a more powerful and confident facial expressions, showing the character and nature of you and your business.

Getting a good profile image when working with a budget.

This budget limitation could be money, time, or distance.

A few tips if you really cannot afford the money or time to employ a professional portraitist, is to get your partner or best friend to be the button pusher.

Communication is Key:

Discuss the mood, style, and purpose of the photo. Show examples or references to help the person taking your images understand your vision.

Location & Lighting:

Choose a well-lit location with natural light if possible. Avoid harsh shadows. Indoor areas near large windows for softer, flattering light. Only use artificial lighting if you fully understand the angles and power needed to make them flatter.

If you are to Consider outdoors then please find an open shaded area.


Find a simple, uncluttered background that doesn’t distract from your face. Solid walls, clean architecture, or natural settings can work well.

Composition & Framing:

Make sure the camera is at eye level or slightly  below and looking slightly up toward you – this can give more power to your character. Leave some space around you in the frame for flexibility in cropping. Get the button pusher to zoom in with their feet, NOT the camera zoom function.

Relax and Express Yourself:

Encourage a relaxed atmosphere to bring out natural expressions. Experiment with different poses and expressions to capture a range of shots. Take a few candid shots, these can show authenticity. Standing still and facing the camera is not the only way to express yourself. Try seated or with one foot up on a box. Try leaning into the camera.

Wardrobe & Grooming:

Wear the outfit that aligns with the image you want to portray. Keep it simple NO logos on clothing unless it is your company attire. Get your hair and outfit neat and tidy, and keep checking it.

Patience & Multiple Shots:

Don’t rush the process. Take multiple shots to give options. Review the photos together intermittently to adjust or try different angles or expressions.


A tripod can help maintain stability and consistency in framing. So can a mini phone holder and some books. Maybe even a Bluetooth remote shutter fob to help keep the images sharp.

Always keep wiping the lens. You’ll be amazed at the amount of times your fingers will catch the lens and leave a grease spot.


If you and/or your friend are comfortable with photo editing, they can use software to enhance the images slightly, adjusting brightness, contrast, and minor touch-ups.

Now don’t forget!

Be appreciative of your friend’s efforts and offer constructive feedback. Express gratitude for their help and support.



Remember, the key here, is collaboration and a clear communication.

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