Painterly Portraits

A fusion of photography, digital art, and traditional techniques to create a masterful blend of mixed media portraiture

There is never any hard sell. I am here to guide you through the process of having your unique family art created without the need to purchase hundreds of images/files. Here with a Bentley Portrait you only ever need to purchase that one masterpiece for you to exhibit in your home. There will be several images captured for you to choose that One single portrait that you want to have the true John Bentley finish.

Of course you are always welcome to purchase more than the one image. That is your prerogative. But just to let your know, we are not here to sell you albums and digital images that will sit around in your cupboards at home, only to be forgotten about, and never see the light of day.

My portraits are meant to be displayed in your home so that each and every moment you walk past them, you have the option to stop and admire, reflecting on that one moment in time you and I created your ‘Legacy Portrait’

True Words Spoken

Absolute excellence, relaxed with so much experience. Producing art with a difference


Visited John for a portrait sitting with my friend. Not at all what we expected, very informal, lots of time to decide what we wanted, no pressure, a great experience and we came out of it with some fabulous images. Highly recommended


Amazing .. His pictures capture the essence of who you are, dissipating the facade and capturing an honest image. A true artist!


fun, friendly and approachable and I’d recommend him to friends and family.


John Bentley

John Bentley

Portrait Artist

Creating unique ‘Legacy Portraits’ of you and your family.

I value my profession because it is a dying art. We can all make memories with a picture taker, but can we all create a moment that will have a lasting finish and still be admired in years to come, by others, not just yourself or your family.